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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Yes, I already saw that. Created a config that used the +200% setting and called it "Slower", but demos like "Beats by Loveboat" still flickered in places, so I deleted that config and I'm now choosing to manually set options in WinUAE for those demos that require settings that are not already part of my configs. The problem is, I'm in the middle of compiling said list, and it's huge (420 demos!)
Not all demos require 040 CPU, some works fine with 030 ! (f.e. Beats)
So I guess it will work fine also on A4000/030 config. if has similar speed to a real machine.

This was already discussed here ->

So, load the same config and change the CPU to 030 and speed slider to 100%. (Works fine on my PC.)

Above 030 with 100% speed slider is something approx. to 030/50MHz.
As a real 040 CPU is approx. 4x faster than 030 at same frequency, according to that same configuration with 040 CPU with speed slider on 0% will run at same speed, what is approx. to 040/12.5MHz, but such speed doesn't not exist on a real machine. (the 040/25MHz is the 1st available)

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