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Yeah, "fastest possible" is too fast for many demos !

Check here ->

Maybe for mentioned demo the "best" settings would be with 220% ! (at least on my PC it works fine)

It could work fine also with fastest possible too, but in that case you will have to adjust it to similar speed by playing with the speed slider and using some test program f.e. Sysinfo by comparing the Dhrystone value on both configurations. (also keep the Idle slider OFF in that case)

Note that such config will work fine only on a host PC where it was adjusted, as fastest possible settings depends on a host PC in comparison with approximate settings that dont.

Thus would be nice to have in fastest possible mode the possibility to choose constant speed of emulated cpu instruction/sec instead of % as it is currently.
(and request for this is already done -> , but chances that it will happen currently doesn't look very optimistic)

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