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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
If I maybe so bold my friend, is not the 030 only a minor revision of the 020 - with the inclusion of MMU an an additional instruction / register - arguably if one is not using either of these then Megahertz to Megahertz do they not perform identically?
Minor revision yes, but the difference between 386 and 68020 is also minor (when the 386 wins).
It may be that the few clocks shaved off by the data cache and memory burst mode are enough to beat the 386 in all cases.

Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
I should clarify myself here in order to avoid confusion, I meant that it's vastly superior to the 020, maybe even superior to the 030. At similar clocks, I'd think the 386 is actually comparable to the 030 (say 33MHz vs 30Mhz).
It's not vastly superior to the 020, only in few benchmarks and not by very much. Perhaps it has better mul & div timings but that's all. A few poorly ported games may give a false impression but really, in most cases 020/030 beats the crap out of 386.
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