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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Perhaps in a given employment I could agree that the 386 would be *technically* superior to the 68020/30 - however the use of the word vastly is a tad overkill, while both are quite comparable processors - neither is realy vastly better than the other.

would you be able to give me / us an example or instance as to where a 14Mhz 386 is vastly superior to a 14Mhz 020/030 in terms of CPU processing. I will be honest I doubt you could - but I love to be proved wrong (its how we learn).
I should clarify myself here in order to avoid confusion, I meant that it's vastly superior to the 020, maybe even superior to the 030. At similar clocks, I'd think the 386 is actually comparable to the 030 (say 33MHz vs 30Mhz).
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