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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
To be fair we should compare 386 with 68030, not with 68020.
If I maybe so bold my friend, is not the 030 only a minor revision of the 020 - with the inclusion of MMU an an additional instruction / register - arguably if one is not using either of these then Megahertz to Megahertz do they not perform identically?

I think its fair to point out that a lot of earlier motherboards for the 386, especially the cheap one's - didn't take full advantage of the 386 CPU and would more often than not limit the memory to 16MB - it wasn't until way after 1993 that the WinTel PC's Power to $$$ ratio became interesting and then slowly affordable.

And lets be honest, how spoilt were us Amigains in 1992 with our full 32 bit GUI operating system alongside a 32 bit DOS / CLI Shell... It would take WinTel PC's until 1999 (A stable Windows 98 ) to kinda catch up and even then, one could argue it was a hack (mumble mumble).
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