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Originally Posted by clebin View Post
My case arrived and it's a thing of beauty.

What can I say about it? It's a black A1200! Any review could end here and the case would be no less cool for it.

The details are perfect. The signatures on the inside are a lovely A1000-style touch and made more poignant after Dave Needle passed away. I couldn't get a good photo of these without separating the two halves. I like the extras like the HDMI/VGA back-plate and the slats on the trapdoor cover is a nice addition.

The case looks and feels high-quality and the well-designed packaging just adds to the professional impression.

The downsides are pretty minor - a little dent in my packaging (I know, big deal!), the HxC cut-out is visible from some angles as reported previously, and a black badge would obviously look better than a white one (if Philippe or someone else doesn't make these, it would be easy enough to make our own if we can have a copy of the design)

Overall, what an achievement! Well done again, Philippe. Can't wait to transfer my A1200 into it...
About the HxC cut-out...Try sticking some thick tape on the inside of the case over the spot to see if it hides it
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