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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
As useful as always. You need to learn to shut up when you have NOTHING to add to a thread and instead derail it to whatever the hell you are babbling about each and every time
OK. I will explore your offering for limitations. You may explore my offering for the same, or save yourself the effort, as you wish. An HDF was specifically requested. I could not supply, "Kind of" upsets you. You gave him a link to zip of a very nice CD collection. I have no idea if is bootable, but zips are generally not. HDFs generally are but need not be, as are true ISOs. Getting an autobooting HD partition setup with a suitable filesystem containing the data from the ISO in it is no easy matter, but it will autoboot afterwards. Means acquiring hardware they can pick up for maybe a dollar (a real CD-ROM that self starts) and magazine coverdisks are quite common. They are not ideal because you are stuck with all their flaws, and can't really change anything in that partition afterwards.

You pointed him at data won't autoboot? Or am I wrong about that? I don't think so, I could be wrong. Neither will work if they are using a too small HD anyway, so both kind of sucky solutions from that angle.

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I would be very surprised if CBM chased anyone about anything these days, no matter what the status of copyright is in any country.

And nothing you have described is even slightly illegal,
The trouble with this thing called the Law is - it is observer dependent, not poster dependent, unless the poster chooses. Internet bollox. CBM are dead, I'm not in a rush to folow them either.

It's only not illegal where you are, not where every other observer is.

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