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Kind of, in the sense of setting up a partition that looks like a CD, and copying an old Coverdisk ISO into it. People can't , stop you doing it, but they can stop posts about how you go about that. It's far from an ideal method.

Another way to do legi is setup something for distro only uses freeware or shareware setup, doesn't include system files. Or minimal files for use.

I guess you can argue that if you use ONLY system parts necessary for self boot, that's legit. The issue is when you include a near complete, working WB. A demo collection doesn't need that, but does need a front end, of some kind.

I am unware of the current status, but CBM never chased you for just enough to get a Workbench you could click icons on. That takes a few files, not hundreds.

If somebody wants to chase me know over that, or tell me it's illegal, they could well be correct, because I only know basic rules in my country, UK. Yours might be different.

This is an issue for distributing Amiga stuff today. I can see that.
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