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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post

They're obviously not original documents. They're remakes based on old fax copies of the Commodore documents, so the providence can't possibly be traced. If you weren't so busy trying to find hidden messages you'd have noticed that already. It all depends on how faithfully they were reproduced. But, since the Rev. 1 versions match the old documents pretty exactly, I have absolutely no reason to doubt the accuracy of these reproductions. I certainly trust the guys who did these reproductions far more than you.
Sir, they are digital rescalable documents, but a fax transmission simply would struggle and fail at this level of detail. Even a local dump of the digital fax file would not do this. You cannot do this with fax of that period. Consid er the file sizes, and how long they would take to transmit over a 9600 modem of the period. They are not in fax format, but PDF. This format did not exist at that time. Postscript was around, from Adobe, and that is one encoding method for rescalable documents.

Ever heard of Formscan? They produced the digital reproduction, encoding, and tranmission techniques for digital document transmission. They weren't the only people who did those things, but they were supplying the equipment a long time before you could walk into a shop and buy a fax machine over the counter. Faxes have to scan a document to reproduce it. Commodore could have sent this doument by fax, received by fax, never printed it, true. Over the phone lines at the time, that would have been bonkers. Let's see, with a little boost for encoding, call it 240 characters per seocnd. 4 seconds per K of data. Perhaps half an hour to send the Rev 2 file, assuming roughly as efficient storage as original. However, to fax it, about 6-7 minutes per page. Around 1 hour, 45 minutes or so. To send one person one copy tha could only be as good as theprinter that made them.

If the electrical connections are correct, then THAT is the most important thing.
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