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Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
Unfortunately the Amiga would wish it were a 386
In terms of processing power? No doubt. But the Amiga had the custom chips that gave it an edge, though. For whatever reason (legacy, perhaps), the processing power of the 386 and the colour/chunky abilities of the VGA (though many early 386 still came with EGA) were not taken to its full extent when it came to games for the PC and the sound card options were still sub-par (usually Adlib, Sound Blaster at best) when compared to the Amiga (just visit an abandoware site and seek PC games from the era and compare). So, in terms of gaming, safe from very few exceptions, the Amiga was better than the 386 PCs, at least between 1989 and 1992, and by this time, the 486s were about (though still prohibitively expensive), maybe because the Amiga was initially intended to be a games console.
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