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Originally posted by Toni Wilen
68040 won't work since there's no FPU emulation
huh? 68040 supports FPU. I was also expecting higher frame rate.
Toni, I'm almost sure now why Echo makes this hypothesis that there's no FPU emulation in the 68040.
There is...but it's a fact that Motorola has *removed* lots and lots of FPU commands from the CPU hardware, above all the trigonometric instructions, essential for most (modern) demos!
Therefore you need the 680x0.library family to emulate these instructions.

The best program for 68040/60 Amiga users to replace those lame libraries is OxyPatcher! (afaik still sold, you may also want to check out this old review)

Finally the 68LC040 is a 68040 without FPU. See FPU.
One separates three FPU types on the Amiga: The 68881, 68882 and the 68040's internal FPU. The 68882 is up to 1.5 times faster than the 68881, because it is splitted in two parts: A conversion unit (the FPU's are using an 80 bit format internally) and the arithmetic unit.
The 68040's internal FPU adds a pipeline, but misses the trigonometric instructions of the others. These are still emulated by the software, 68040.library for example.
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