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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post

The RAM expansion pins were for RAM expansion. Nothing more, nothing less. As for "buggery", many words have more than one meaning, and it's common enough to refer to something that doesn't work as "buggered". In this case, a bug in a chip buggered up their schematic, requiring extra logic to work around it. Seems more like a little clever wordplay by an engineer, rather than some cryptic message left behind by the Illuminati for you to find.
There is one snag with your version of events. It does not address the other terms used. Namelly, "More JOY" (There were no more joysticks added. "Small Hole", which is exactly the same size of wole used to make the same connection. "Tricks" or "Trix" I'm not even going to explain. It is an American euphemism, exactly what you can find out elsewhere,

This Schematic then - who had one prior to CBM going bust? You say there was no cover up, well to prove that Mr Daed, you've got to show this particular document ever left Commodore before they filed for chapter 11. That one, I admit, I'm not sure about.

I have never said there is definite evidence that the clockport can be made better than it was. Nor have I said there is definite evidence of a conspiracy by an outside agency, the "Illuminati" as you put it. Yet all those concepts come from yourself. Can't seem to find a reference to them in this thread.

You will have to admit, it's a bit of a coincidence. And the presence of these electrically dubious names for things would explain WHY the document was withheld from me at least. Quite possibly everybody else outside CBM until they went to their corporate grave.

I don't even know if the thing is 100% genuine, but YOU seem pretty sure it is. Why is that?

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