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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Back in the 90's, I remember that I sometimes put something heavy on the keyboard to hold down the 'r' key when I was formatting floppies if it encountered a bad track to make it keep retrying. Left like that for long enough, and it would eventually often format with all 0's.

That didn't mean that the disk was now good since it could easily fail again when I tried to copy new data on it. But I didn't have much money back then and tried to salvage as many precious floppies as I could..

So you call it nonsense and then basically say exactly the same thing?
If the magnetic medium is damaged, it may not be able to sustain a magnetic field of sufficent size no matter what you do with it.

TBH I had similar issues to you with 3" (not 3.5") disks. Those things, while reliable, are expensive per unit. You have to really work to save them. The disks are quite tough, the drives are usually not robust.

And if you can't take it, me trolling you, don't troll me in the first place. Is that the only way you have fun? Pointing the finger while screaming lie a chimpanzee?
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