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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
This doesn't pertain to just X-Copy, but can be any format tool. If one track is slightly misaligned, formatting a track may not succeed properly since the head does not align up with the track. Doing it multiple times may 'nudge' the track into the proper magnetisation so it eventually passes the check, however any future writes may still generate errors unless you use the same method of writing the same data over and over again until it succeeds.
The above is complete noob nonsense, repeated attempts to induce a magnnetic field on a magnetic medium will eventually succeeed if repeated often often and fast enough to cause a stable self inducing field.

It is not a case of "nudging the track", it is a case of how effective the head is at inducing the field in the magnetic medium. This can take multiple passes. Or one pass, with a stronger magnet.
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