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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
What's wrong with calling something "buggery" or "short pcb trix"? Do you think all schematics are 100% professional? You've obviously got absolutely no idea about the electronics industry, and you are doing nothing but making an absolute dick of yourself.

Get a clue, and a sense of humour, and I'm sure you'll have a much more enjoyable time on this forum. Tosser.
Oh right, so you knew all this stuff, thought it was completely unremarkable and normal, and somehow I'm a bad guy for finding it even remotely worth mentioning or indeed possibly funny? This could be why I've never seen an Australian schematic diagram to fault find with. I'd have to go to an adult shop to obtain one, according to you, anyway. Tell me, do they come with a complimentary lubrication aid as well? Or just when you supply them? And don't you just recognize a larrikin when you try troling one?
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