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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
I wonder... How is XCopy able to fix bad sectors of disks using the erase mode? I just fixed the front 79th track of a floppy and it could be formatted after that.
This doesn't pertain to just X-Copy, but can be any format tool. If one track is slightly misaligned, formatting a track may not succeed properly since the head does not align up with the track. Doing it multiple times may 'nudge' the track into the proper magnetisation so it eventually passes the check, however any future writes may still generate errors unless you use the same method of writing the same data over and over again until it succeeds.

Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
Never tried. Possible I guess. I didn't use Xcopy for disks with bad tracks on that were tricky.

I just use a big electromagnet, although a little gausscleaner for tape heads was more elegant, much less likely to screw up the disk permanently on it's own..

Xcopy was the one product we really could not cross compare on with reviews. Anyway, any such comparison would have dated very very quickly. Not worth even trying to go there. Not on a monthly magazine.

I tried some earlier similar products, on different platforms. They could be very very effective. Sooner or later you had to update or change your copier. Didn't really get deep into it, but that's the way it seemed to me. Some of the techies just always did copiers. Less work than writing, guaranteed market. You had to be good at buidling good hardware very consistently. No names, but some of them are still doing that and similar things. Not xcopy itself, but little bits and pieces of hardware that people want to buy.
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