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Settings that worked for me to get LightWave 3D 5.2 running on Amithlon.

You'll need LightWave 3d 5.2 (eab ftp), CyberGFX Renderer V1.2 (eab ftp), ModePro (aminet).

Simplest way is to set ModePro to ask you for each screen and then add them as they pop up. In ModePro's menu's, check "ask about unknown screens" and when done adding the screen names and saved, you can uncheck it.

Launch Lightwave, ModePro should how to promote, select Screen Name then promote with Screenmode and you'll choose your GFX card for some, and FakeNative: for a few. I use an nVidia card so just substitute yours where you see me listing "nVidia-1"

Launch LightWave and ModePro will ask about the Screen Name being opened...

LW Layout 672 x 432 (I'm NTSC, adjust as needed)
Screenmode = FakeNative:HighRes-Lace, Width 672, Height 432, colors 8, AutoScroll

Switch to 1024x768 8 color mode in Lightwave's layout screen (Option button at the top)
LW Layout 1024 x 768
Screenmode = nVidia-1: 1024x768 32bit, colors 8

You'll need to load the CyberGFX Renderer V1.2 plugin in the plugins section (also Options button)

Load a scene and then change the Record (Record button at top) Render Display to CyberGFX and click Continue.

Render a scene and you'll get three more ModePro popups.

LW Render Status
screenmode = FakeNative:HighRes-Lace, 640 x 18 (yes 18), force planar

LW Render Feedback
screenmode = FakeNative:LowRes, 640x480, force planar

** You do not need to promote the screen below. Make sure to run the CyberGFX Renderer app and set your Screenmode preferences there.
CyberGFX Renderer V 1.2
screenmode = nVidia-1: 1024x768, 32bit

When you render a scene or frame, Lightwave will open the "LW Render Status" showing the frame status and the "LW Render Feedback" that would normally give you a quick view of the rendered frame. When completed rendering it will open the 24bit image in the screen mode you selected for "CyberGFX Renderer V 1.2". ESC will exit that screen and drop you back to the LW Render Status. Press Amiga M (Windows M) and you will be on a black screen which is the "LW Render Feedback" screen. Mouse click in the screen then hit ESC to exit back to the Layout screen.

When rendering with Render Display CyberGFX you'll see it render each frame. (Using WayEarth scene it updates the display about every 2 seconds with the next image).

When rendering with Render Display None (if you are saving the 24bit .iff's instead) you'll get the "LW Render Status" screen displayed.

Now I need a good program to convert the 24bit iff files into an animation........

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