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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I did read through it all and it is distasteful reading for sure, but only because OP is extrapolating to extremes on basically nothing..
Oh come off it. This is not a coincidence, having these words;-
"BUGGERY" "SHORT PCB TRIX" "if short="yes" "MORE JOY" "HOLES &c." stamped on the schematic of a circuit, a vital document if you want to fix and understand electronics. What's writen on it isnt so important that it is accurate for showing where components join up and what value of components are used. For that, the included words are indeed irrelevant.

Or maybe you are saying tha Amiga Buggery, this copyrighted CBM concept, was clearly never going to catch on anyway. It is kind of hard to be sure anyway which way this release is oriented. Is it a genuine joke that CBM missed? Is it clearly a fake designed to hurt an innocent person? Could be either, or something else again.
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