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People can view and judge the "evidence" for themselves. It's inconclusive. It could be genuine, that's as much as I have said, and I do hope somebody has the originals kept very safely.

Or not. Copyright is a funny thing. Sometimes, you want it. Sometimes, you just want to drop it like a hot potato.

Normally, I would have gotten a full set of schematics for an Amiga that was on sale. Or going on sale somewhere.

Never got one for either A1200, and I asked, and they just weren't available. Tough. ESPECIALLY the clock port. You'd think it had a stealth fighter rammed in there somewhere, they were that precious about it at the time. CBM. I had that bitch apart in minutes. By then, taking illuminated pictures of bare circuitboards was in fashion. CBM didn't really offer much info about anything. The Expansion had many options, one of them was a clock. They had lots of options. They didn't want to talk capabilities or bandwith. We even had to find out about PCMCIA from other people, HDs, the works. I think they just kept everything tight, to journalists everywhere. Maybe a lot of Devs too, not all of them wanted schematics or could check them for this.

Anybody else take a look, sometime? These are not ordinary schematics, they are CAD diagrams. That's what CBM used at the time. You can see some of the hardware for CAD and prototyping on Deathbed Vigil. The older stuff, as I recall Dave Hazy saying. They were very compartmentalized, CBM, big hardware companies of the time had to be. I don't think he did machines like the A1200. He did the top end Amigas. His thing. Not this thing.

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