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Excuse me, this thread is not for spam insults. Please comment on the subect matter or not at all.

The fact is, it's computer data, not the original documents. No human hand.

No trace in the real world. It doesn't really matter if they are fake or genuine. It makes no difference in the real world.

I wonder who BAF is? Or is a frame up of BAF? Don't go complaining, I got the iinks off a post on this site, so you should really be talking to that poster about sanity, now shouldn't you. Their content. I guess they didn't check, did they, and the words used are not a regarded as a problem on this site. I carefully googled, found plenty.

Didn't expect to see it on a document marked "Copyright Amiga" and a date, but there you go.

As to whether it's an offence or not in Pennsylvania at the time, it depends if the buggery was consensual or not. The document doesn't really make that clear. The word "buggery" is not considered a problem here. I checked. People use it, have used it. Just so long as it's consensual, not a problem.

So, that's the question really, when it comes to what possibly could be a genuine CBM document, copyrighted, relating to buggery on the Amiga system. I don't think that's viable myself, but I'm just not even going to try. It could result in permanent damage, you know.

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