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Old "sick" but allowable content, Distasteful reading.

This was news to me, but will probably not news here as it all this alledgedly happened 23 years ago inside Commodore. I'm not sure if this is real or not, but it might be. I've asked for somebody else to look at it. I can't tell really, it's stuff off the internet which doesn't mean much.

Who would have thought it? CBM, involved in BUGGERY? Isn't that illegal in Pennsylvania?

Now, before anyone gets TOO upset, it's a document labelled as BUGGERY with a CBM stamp on it. That doesn't mean it's genuine.

It looks pretty genuine to me though.

"BUGGERY" "SHORT PCB TRIX" "if short="yes" "MORE JOY" "HOLES &c."

Page 11 huh.

This port, nor Port9b on the Rev 1, show up on the Connector list of either schematic.

I guess this si where Gayle 2 fits in. Anyway, buggery showed up as an searchable word on this forum, so I figured it was OK to post on the subject in relation to the Amiga, or at least rev 2 A1200s, having this on their schematics. That's not the same as having it on the machine itself. It came from a CAD generated environment anyway, so nobody really "signed off" on anything, as such.

What the heck where they really trying to do? In either case? I mean, REALLY? G (Greg?) Robbins did both drawings originally, but rev B came from BAF. Who was BAF?

Instead, maybe using all the pins couldn't give you much more than a regular clock port today. Say CBM did have other ideas for it. One possibie thing they looked at was . Digital audio, 91KHz or whatever sounds great idea. But it needs a lot of protection and fine electrical circuitry, good shielding, to do well. Maybe that was an issue with doing Audio IN, Audio Out like that. It sounds great in theory but the circuits just "hummed" too much and it would have cost too much to do much else with the port anyway..

However, the implication that "BUGGERY" was somehow involved, suggests to me that the clockport was shafted, by somebody, for whatever reason. I think that's a reasonable estimation. Whether it was re-engineer costs, or just plain "take it off the market, they're not ready for that kind of magic" is moot. It didn't happen. Clockports as we know them happened. What's the real story here?


Anyway, the idea that Gayle took it from behind and even liked it... it's kind of sick art, but there you go. Most places I'm not really allowed to talk abou that. It's certainly Rock N Roll and Channel Z, so I can't really complain about it. It all happened way too long ago to worry about that.

The Rev1 schematic shows two 40 pin clock headers. P9A and P9B. The connector list doesn't have either really, I think the diagrams shown are the two ways they worked out to use the connection. There might be other ways to use these pins, that are faster than the current standard of clock port, but it's all a bit dodgy going there, because the 16 data lines e other connections are very different to the clock standard in current use. Any tinkering here is almost definitely going to prevent a "regular" clock port expansion from going there, and there is no gurantee you will get a better result anyway using homebrew kit maybe. It's very easy to get a stone dead A1200 messing here if you don't know what you are doing, and are very careful about both experimentation and reasonable expectation.
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