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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Could not open = board is not found or x86 CPU is not running (for example missing or bad bios)
That's not entirely accurate.
I have all of the bridgeboards that were produced (including the GoldenGate). I have a A2088 Bridgeboard that is seen by the Amiga in the early startup menu and also is seen and identified correctly by SysInfo's Board lister.
The CPU resets correctly (pin 21 goes from high to low) and the data lines on the 8088 are actively pulsing. Pin 19 has a 4.77MHz clock. The BIOS was read with an EPROM programmer and verified good.
In other words it is running code.
When I click PCMono or PCColor is simply says "could not open Janus.Library". If I simply swap out the A2088 for a A2286 it works so the software is installed correctly.
If the PCMono or PCColor program is run without a Bridgeboard plugged in it does nothing or crashes the Amiga.
So the presence of the board or CPU not running is not a factor of the "could not open Janus.Library" error.
If the 128k dual port RAM is changed for good RAM it doesn't make any difference. If the on-board (PC-side) 512k RAM is changed it doesn't make any difference. Even if ALL of the RAM is removed the Amiga still sees the board in the early startup screen and in the SysInfo board screen. Meaning the absense or presence of any on-board RAM does not affect whether the Amiga sees the Bridgeboard or Janus library or not. and no, changing caps does not help... in fact it does not help with most old PCBs as caps are mainly used to filter power and even if they are removed it will still work.... caps are more important in power supplies and monitors and mostly unimportant on old PCBs.
It's really a pity no one has any concrete knowledge of how the Bridgeboards work as this error appears a lot with a google search and there's not one person with accurate troubleshooting knowledge.
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