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Originally Posted by dalek View Post
Er no, the A2090/2090a do not have additional RAM for the A2000. That's the A2091 with up to 2MB.

And AFAIK GVP didn't make anything with A2090 in it's name.
<sigh> CBM did not make such and GVP did not make such.

What people post as HAVING doesn't necessarily match with the original product, believe it or not.

GVP products in the UK went out in the early days with all kinds of designations and markups. It was a case of what the importer / distributor marketed each as. Same for CBM, to a certain extent.

This is vitally important information when setting up WinUAE correctly. It is not so much of an issue when dealing with the real Amiga hardware - not always.

The CBM A2090A looks like a terrible example of a SCSI controller, quite frankly. Why they all weren't sent to the knackers yard years ago escapes me. Oh, look at that. Custom bootblock on a HD system. Something I was told never happened that way, on Amiga hard disks ever, on this very site. Whaddyaknow.

GVP A2000 SCSI controllers did indeed have great variance even when they left the factory, let alone when they crossed the customers doorstep thousands of miles away.

(walks away whistling)
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