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Welcome back.

Check out the Vampire releases, next one on the list is for the A1200. Although production is slow, and plenty of people who ordered already are still waiting patiently for the A600 and new A500 versions. Get your head around this - a software upgradeable processor unit, dedicated to running Motorola CISC code at lightning speed.

It is a mind blowing concept, and things are really different now to those times. AROS, WInUAE are really good now. FS-UAE is pretty good, and things are looking up for the old Spanish girlfriend.

No flame like an old flame, which probably does not translate too well, it is idiom. Es gibt keine Liebe wie eine alte Liebe. That gives you the meaning, "There is no love like an old love".

In those days of the early 90s, I knew a Thomas from W├╝rzburg. He was very, very tall. 7 foot., 2 meters and 17 centimeters? We went to the Monsters of Rock at Donnington. Mutual friend was a guy called Stumpy.

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