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Hello to everyone! My Amiga history and more...

Hello, I am Thomas from Germany.
I can't believe how time has passed, but it is now over 25 years since I bought my first Amiga.

This a longer read, while it scratches only the surface of my computer history:

The start of my gaming and computer career was an Atari 2600 at the age of 10 for christmas in 1983. I quickly got bored and sold it only 6(!) weeks later, because I saw the C64 running "Impossible Mission" and "International Soccer" at a local computer store. It was completely jaw dropping, compared to the clunky graphics of the 2600.

Three months later I finally convinced my parents to get a C64 with a Datasette (for homework and school, you know!)
It was followed by a 1541 floppy drive next Christmas and a 1702 monitor the following year.
While I did play A LOT of games, I too was always interested how things worked, so I started learning programming Basic and made some litte programs to impress my friends and even my math teacher.
At that time I did not suspect this would set the path for my career as a software developer. So... in retrospective I did not really lie to my parents.

Then something happened, which I still can't put my finger on exactly why - I assume puberty - but in 1988 I sold my C64 in order to buy a stereo and had no computer for a longer period. My hair grew and I joined a metal band as a drummer (which I still am 30 years later)

Around 1991 I was at a friend, right when he set up his second hand Amiga 500 for the first time. It came with some dozen discs. So we took one randomly and inserted it. It was "Hostages". Coming from the C64, the game looked mind blowing unreal. We were gasping and cheering of the sheer amount of graphics beauty and the new level of immersion this game gave us. I. Needed. One. Too.

It took only one week to check my funds and I reentered the computer realm by buying an Amiga 500 with 1 MB extension. I replaced it in 1993 with an Amiga 1200 with an unbelievable big harddrive (110 MB!!!). I was never able to fill it for more than the half capacity.

In late 1994 I started to study computer science and sadly replaced the 1200 with a Pentium 90 PC, because - despite rumors - "Day of the Tentacle" never arrived at the Amiga and Doom and Wing Commander 3 called for duty.
I did not sell the 1200 like my machines before, but put it in a box in the cellar, were I revisited it from time to time.

PCs came and go, 3D accelerators came and go and I am still a frequent gamer today, always looking for the next level of immersion and jaw dropping experience.
Consequently, today I am playing with an Oculus Rift (I love Elite Dangerous in VR as much as I loved Frontier on the Amiga) and my brand new Touch controllers on a highly equipped i7 / GTX 1080 machine.

But there is still a big and warm place in my heart for all the classic machines I met on my journey:
I bought a C64 again three years ago, equipped with an 1541-Ultimate II
Last year I built a little raspberry pi emulation machine, soldering a DB9 connector for classic competiton pros to it.

I stumbled over this forum, because my current project is to preserve and improve my beloved Amiga 1200.
Currently it is away for a capacitor exchange, while I am waiting for the new kickstarter case to arrive. The old one was still in nearly mint condition, but I don't want to drill holes into it for the HxC drive and display.

While waiting, I set up and perfected a 16 GB CF card with WHDLoad in WinUAE and bought a ACA1221ec accelerator card.
This should be the best Amiga I ever had!
Hopefully everything will work flawlessly, when assembled during the next weeks.

It is always fun to remove my 10 year old daughter from her 3DS or smartphone and and watch her reaction to some classic hardware and games.

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