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I have updated PatchCompositeTags that is now faster
So can really play MACE in WinUAE-ppc OS4 :-)

Set WinUAE to use ARGB for 32 bits screen in "RTG board" panel
Set Workbench to use ARGB for 32 bits screen
Install MACE & PatchCompositeTags
Disable compositing in Workbench (default is certainly no) in Prefs/Gui/effects
Start Mace_demo config : select (say) 640x480 ARGB
Start PatchCompositeTags : type 'pat Q'
Start Mace


Alain Thellier

Note: Option 'pat f' (fast no alpha) dont works in this release as I have stupidly disable it during tests and posted this version to Aminet

Anyway MACE will works nicely on fast machines :-)

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