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More from Lemon64 :suspiciou ..................

For Immediate Release - July 16th 2003

Following the press release issued last Friday 11th by Tulip Computers N.V, we are pleased to confirm that Ironstone Partners Ltd has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing deal for the Commodore 64 and associated products.

Through this agreement we intend to grow the Commodore 64 community both by supporting the existing loyal user base and developing new ways to bring the enjoyment of the Commodore 64 experience to an even wider global audience.

Ironstone recognises and applauds the tremendous achievement of the existing Commodore 64 community and the web sites that have allowed it to flourish. Consequently it is our wish to work with and support these sites and it is not our intention to stifle any of the current activities that support the Commodore 64 community.

Our mission is to bring the C64 and the Commodore brand back towards the mainstream and extend its appeal. We will not compromise the values that have made Commodore 64 the tremendous and enduring success it has been in the past and will build on these strengths to take them forward into the future.

@Akira. I guess it should come as no surprise that one of Ironstone's biggest defender's to date @Lemon's forums has finally admitted to dealing with the devil & signed a non-disclosure agreement to boot.

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