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Originally Posted by demolition View Post

It is only fraud if they wrote incorrect information knowingly and obviously that was not the case. Some errors in the reference books had surely nothing to do with why CBM went down - that was down to bad business decisions.
They put the information out without testing it as "the authoritative, final word". If it was wrong, they did not test it, and if they did not test it without making such claims, then the claims were unwarranted, and yes, it was fraud. Not by commission, but by omission. They did not check their facts.

It had everything to do with why developers abandoned the platform. Great hardware, terrible support. Of course CBM business decisions were the main reason, but if I ever had registered as a developer, and found out how shaky their documentation was, I'd have set the lawyers on them. No messing. Most people did not, they just went to Apple if they could not stomach Windows.
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