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A2090a + microSD (as SCSI HD) ?

Hi !

I have a A2000 + A2090a SCSI controller. I bought a SCSI2SD device, and a 2GB MicroSD in order to use it as a HD...

Since WinUAE emulates the A2090a controller, I'd like to know if I could use my MicroSD as if it was a SCSI hard disk (recognized as is by the A2090a) under WinUAE... and do the whole installation process (HD prep, HD format, WB install, software install...) under WinUAE ?
I know the A2090a controller is a bit tricky (256MB limitation, can't use HDToolBox but the custom install disk...), and my first attempts failed so far...
So, in a nutshell, how to make my MicroSD behave like a SCSI hard drive under WinUAE (if it's ever possible) ?

Thank you !
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