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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
Consider this - CBM were charging money for developer support using untested and unverified data. Addison Wesley were charging big money for a reference work to non-registered developers that was just plain wrong. There is a word for this. It's "fraud".

It's not surprising CBM filed for Chapter 11 in the end.
NASA used Amigas for many years because it was the best documented platform they could get, and also because Amiga OS had very little overhead. NASA wanted to be able to build their own custom hw and sw and the Amiga was the best choice for that simply because the level of documentation was so exhaustive. Yes, there might have been some errors here and there, but it was still better than having almost no documentation which was the case for many competing platforms, like IBM & compatibles.

It is only fraud if they wrote incorrect information knowingly and obviously that was not the case. Some errors in the reference books had surely nothing to do with why CBM went down - that was down to bad business decisions.
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