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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Note that HRM does not tell the whole truth, 4th channel has minimum period of 124, 3rd has 123 and so on.. (Due to way Paula>Agnus DMA requests work) If you really need 1-3 lower period
Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Nope. Period 123 is 28836 on PAL, not 28867 - and may fail on channel 4, like Toni said. Programming manuals are often wrong
Ah, the joys of depending on first edition reference material.

Consider this - CBM were charging money for developer support using untested and unverified data. Addison Wesley were charging big money for a reference work to non-registered developers that was just plain wrong. There is a word for this. It's "fraud".

It's not surprising CBM filed for Chapter 11 in the end.
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