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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is hardware problem (not all reader/hub combinations work), it does not have anything to do with software.
This is very likely an issue with not enough power being supplied to the USB ports other than the mainboard - my impression was that the card reader disconnected and reconnected during the read/write operation as the power draw increased as the ablock index etc. errors coincided with Wİndows prompting me with the option of formatting my CF card out of the blue.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Which PFS3 version? There was one related bug fix in pfs3aio that isn't in official pfs3 when using "large" partitions (as in >5G or so)

If it is pfs3aio, I want more information There is one mysterious problem that no one knows where it comes from and it usually triggers when copying huge amounts of files, this probably has been in pfs3 for a very long time.

(size of partition, dopus version, how many files copied etc)
It is indeed PFS3 AIO v18 Rev5; it happened when copying over 486,371,248 bytes of WHDLOAD data in the form of 14,826 Files and 717 Folders from a folder on a GPT partition mounted as UAE-IDE on DH1 in WinUAE 3.4.0 to a 1.79GB PFS3AIO 18.5 FS hard drive partition on a Sandisk Extreme III 2GB CF card mounted as UAE-IDE on DH3.

I experienced data corruption while copying files with Dopus (as supplied in ClassicWB, i.e. Directory Opus v4.16, DOpus Library v22.18, Compile date Jun 23 2001, Compile time 20:19:21, Port/screen name DOPUS.1) in this setup continuously in the form of "wrong index block id" or "wrong ablock id" which resulted in locked partitions that had to be manually unlocked in shell (which did not fix the FS corruption) and reformatted. Eventually, the files copied over fine with a shell command COPY DH1: DH3: ALL CLONE, however I do not know if this was due to a) sheer luck, b) Dopus causing the corruption, c) using a 68040 CPU with FPU in emulation instead of an 68000 running at 14MHz to emulate the ACA500Plus. Whichever it was, it finally worked.

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