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Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
1. Do NOT plug in your USB CF Reader to a USB Hub, a USB port on your monitor (effectively a USB Hub) or a front panel USB port. This has resulted in several botched attempts. For whatever reason PSF3 kept giving me ablock index errors and the like in the middle of operation until I plugged the card reader directly into a mainboard USB port.
This is hardware problem (not all reader/hub combinations work), it does not have anything to do with software.

2. Do NOT try to copy over your WHDLoad collection from one hard drive to the other with Dopus. No matter how many times I tried, it caused PSF3 corruption. Use the COPY DH0: DH1: ALL CLONE command instead.
Which PFS3 version? There was one related bug fix in pfs3aio that isn't in official pfs3 when using "large" partitions (as in >5G or so)

If it is pfs3aio, I want more information There is one mysterious problem that no one knows where it comes from and it usually triggers when copying huge amounts of files, this probably has been in pfs3 for a very long time.

(size of partition, dopus version, how many files copied etc)
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