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Oh, will be long time before I can even access the disks (hard and floppy). I can't even plug a monitor in to the Amigas I have - but I WILL do this. In time. First an HDcaddy model, word has been given (I said I would, therefore, I must do it).

Then a careful check and release of my own Amiga contributions. They are beautiful to watch, if horrible code to study.

Finally, careful check for useful Amiga apps. You don't have to say please, it is what I always intended - wait for the big crash & burn, let the commercial people run away to chase dollars elsewhere. Support the people who just loved the machine and cherished it.

I cannot say exactly why I couldn't do this sooner. Just put it down to... I had very important commitments elsewhere. But I knew I would come back, so I kept my disks.

Even when I was homeless, I kept my software collection safe. That wasn't easy. But I did it.
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