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I've tried this last night, after managing to get a hold of an oldish 2GB CF card (Sandisk Extreme III). It took me a couple of hours because of two weird quirks; I hope my example will make someone's life much easier in the future:

1. Do NOT plug in your USB CF Reader to a USB Hub, a USB port on your monitor (effectively a USB Hub) or a front panel USB port. This has resulted in several botched attempts. For whatever reason PSF3 kept giving me ablock index errors and the like in the middle of operation until I plugged the card reader directly into a mainboard USB port.
2. Do NOT try to copy over your WHDLoad collection from one hard drive to the other with Dopus. No matter how many times I tried, it caused PSF3 corruption. Use the COPY DH0: DH1: ALL CLONE command instead.

It was smooth sailing after these problems were dealt with and I can boot from and run the system from CF in WinUAE. Now just waiting for the ACA500plus so I can try it on a real Amiga 500.
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