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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I'm confused by this. Are you saying that changing the volume of my playback equipment will affect whether it sounds distorted or not? The Prodigy's music sounds the same regardless of what volume I play it at - turning it down sounds just as distorted, but at a lower volume. That's because that's the effect they intended. But you seem to be saying (and did so earlier in the thread too) that the distortion people are hearing is because they have it turned up too loud. If that's what you're trying to say, that's nonsense of the highest order.

If I have to turn my equipment down to hear your music correctly then you're doing it wrong.
This is not a release of "my music". If people want some easy listening over the internet, there are plenty of available examples.

This is a technology demonstrator for developers to study, in terms of what happens if you use purely digital, software techniques on Amiga sound data. With the desired goal of a hardware add on to enhance Amiga audio.

If I thought I could do that on my own, with a completely designed solution, controls, limiters, filters etc etc I would have just done it on my own. it would have saved an awful lot of goalkeeping.

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