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Floppy disk

OK, here goes...its mostly strategic style games which some people may find boring but never mind

Monkey Island 2 *
Knights of the Sky *
The Settlers
B17 *
Police Quest 2 *
Theme Park
Syndicate *
Combat Air Patrol *
Cruise for a Corpse
The Colonel's Bequest *
Gunship 2000
Dune 2
Operation Stealth *
Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Campaign *
Formula One Grand Prix (A600 bundled version)
Historyline 1914-1918 *
Indianopolis 500 *
Advantage Tennis *
PGA Tour Golf *

The games marked with stars either dont have copy protection, or have scans of the relevant manual pages etc. Unfortunately my Amiga died before I could make any more adfs If anyone needs any uploading, just let me know.
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