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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
Even a 48KHz sampler isn't going to keep track with a 56K Amiga sample.
Sure it is. 48 kHz can perfectly capture all the frequencies up to 20 kHz which covers the human hearing. It will not accurately capture frequencies above 20 kHz (and nothing above 24 kHz), but only your dog will care about that.

Prodigy uses distortion to a large degree, like many others as a musical tool. As Daedalus writes, this has nothing to do with the volume you play back at unless you have really bad speakers. If the distortion changes with volume, your system is non-linear and this is bad. Of course any speaker will distort when it becomes loud enough, but it should not happen within normal listening levels.

When you write '130 or so', what do you mean? Decibel? Because Decibel is not a unit, it only tells on a log scale how large something is relative to something else.. On a digital signal, 0 dBFS is full scale and you cannot go any higher. Most music will have a level of between -20 to -10 dBFS RMS. The higher, the more compressed it generally is.

Listen to this track and tell me it is not distorted:
[ Show youtube player ]
They distorted several of the instruments on purpose and it sounds great. It is one of my favorite Prodigy tracks.
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