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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Just because cheap converters perform bad, doesn't mean that 48 kHz can't be good enough.
Even a 48KHz sampler isn't going to keep track with a 56K Amiga sample.

I'll go over the main points of this thread;-

1) The examples are not clipped. You cannot clip when transferring a mod to a Wav with Sonique. You CAN clip if you over compress, unless you tell the digital compressor software not to.

2) The reason for the digital delay is the way that the human mind interprets audio. If a sound has out of phase left and right elements, played through speakers, people can give it a direction.

3) Neither these examples nor any Prodigy track is truly "distorted". Instead, they have had their decibel levels raised - in this case, to 130 or so. So of course they sound distorted unless you turn your levels down.

These examples and Prodigy's run the razor's edge. One more step either way, they would be losing fidelity. Instead, they soak up and use all the available bandwidth.

That's why they are "Always outnumbered. Never outgunned."

It's also possibly why they don't bother about arguing that their works are clipped and distorted. They know that they aren't, and if other people mistakenly think that, then it's somebody else's mistake, not theirs.

The difference between the Prodigy and myself is - I'm not trying to sell a record. I'm not trying to promote an album, do a tour, arrange a gig, or even sell a T-shirt.

I'm saying this is how you can make original Amiga audio sound - meaty, dynamic, powerful, and attractive to 21st century ears.

If somebody else wants to do this, design, build, test and sell hardware, fine. I can't claim Intellectual Property over maths. I certainly can't claim IP over a work based on a Public Domain release (unlike Akira, who seems to think that's legit).
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