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Great news, thanks for the effort!


I was tested the game again on a few days older WinUAE 3.4.1 (Public Beta 0, 2017.01.10):

@1st testing = the problem appeared 3x in 1 min
(so, no need for more testing on this version)

And on the todays fresh WinUAE 3.4.1 (Public Beta 0, 2017.01.13):

@1st testing = the problem appeared 3x in 5 min
@2nd testing = the problem appeared 1x in 5 min
@3rd testing = the problem appeared 1x in 5 min

Obviously, it behaves now much better than before!
Also, there still exist probability that the problem might happen (but now not too often), what seems close to before mentioned yt-video (where it also happened).
Therefore, it would not be good if is not happening ! (IMHO)

Does the problem appear same frequently on a real hardware, cant tell, didnt test it yet, maybe one day.
(because my A500 is packed in a box, and replaced with WinUAE)

Above results refers to test done according to post #60 !
During the gameplay the problem appeared only once in some 15 min and 20 min of playing !

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