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WinUAE Galaga 92 screen glitching

Has anyone any experience with the minor masterpiece game Galaga 92 on WinUAE? While my real A1200 is waiting for repairs I thought I'd see how emulation feels again and fired up this game only to get game-breaking screen glitching. I updated WinUAE to the latest with no improvement.

The whole screen is flashing green every few frames, both on the title screen and during gameplay. Additionally, scrolling text at the bottom of the screen is being pushed off the bottom of the screen and only the top of the letters is visible. I tried tweaking many display settings in WinUAE but nothing improved matters. Fullscreen and windowed is the same.

This was on a WHDLOAD version of the game that runs perfectly on my real A1200. WinUAE is set to emulate an A1200, and I haven't yet tried running a different version of the game or emulating an A500.
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