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Wow... not sure the original point of this, but I'll chime in.

So, you're starting with Amiga 8-bit samples. That's 8-bits of information per channel. If you actually have two left and two right, you can mix them for a 9-bit result. That is all of the original information you will ever have.

And sure, you can convert this to 16-bits. But you still only have 9-bits of actual information, or 54dB DNR, if you want to look at it that way. You can convert that to 24-bit or 32-bit, doesn't matter, you still only have 9-bits of information. The converted format (no point, really, in going beyond 16-bit) will make it easier to manipulate with modern tools, but it's not going to make it sound any than the 8-bit sample. Of course, converting the original digital versus playing through Paula, that ought to be an improvement.

Same thing basically goes with sample-rate upconversion. The software is going to interpolate, and there's very good software for that, but your'e still going to have sound frequency limited.

Not sure why you'd mix left and right channels... maybe you get a more natural sound that way. I haven't specifically played with anything like this, and after a point, all sound tweaking is more art than science.

I have absolutely no idea why there's a compressor even being mentioned. The very last thing I want is to take my 8-bit or 9-bit sample and reduce its resolution any more. Maybe I'd play around with an expander, but no, never a compressor. And absolutely not one that's clipping ... that's just bad work.

I have zillions of various audio plug-ins designed for various purposes. It's possible that you might find something that would make the sound more pleasing. That's of course changing the original sound -- all you can ever do is reduce the amount of information from the original sample. But again, it's the art... perhaps a DSP algorithm meant for
"clarity" or some other generic function would be useful.
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