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Creating new winuae game configuration issue

Hi Toni,

Please don't shoot me down in a hail of bullets as I ask you your thoughts on this issue that I was not going to submit, but later decided to on creating new game configs from previously made games with savestates already in them.

Play any fresh Config that I have created game works perfect.
1. While playing this game Create a Savestate and resume playing / all is good.
2. Wether you quit winuae or not, If you clone this existing config that has a savestate in it and change the adf to another game and then save the config to a new config.
3. Technically, loading the new config should start the new adf I had created?
4. No. It always loads the savestate of the previous config and starts the previous game with the old savestate.
5. It seems it adds a line in the config with the current savestate which transfers to another newly created config.

Q . If you use savestates on any config. Does this mess up the ability to create a new config from the config which has a savestate used?

Hope it all makes sense,
What are your thoughs?
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