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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
Too late, I've found out what your issue is - your levels suck. Your version is so quiet, you have to listen at 80% volume to hear anything.

My version, 30% volume is plenty. That's why you think mine is distorting - it will unless you turn your levels down.

Essentially yours is the first step of mine - extraction of a mod to a stereo 44.1Khz 16 bit waveform. No extraction of the locked frequencies. I guess you didn't know that most demo songs are oversampled compared to straight 8SVX samples.

That's why yours is just the same as the original, and no better. No compression added.

I give up, you clearly do not understand what clipping is. If you look at that image and think everything is ok, there's nothing to do here.
Enjoy destroying audio, but I see no purpose in talking about how to make things sound worse.
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