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Amigas have 4 channels each with independent programmable non-conformant sampling rates - it can't be 100% accurately recorded or emulated by ANY computer system or digital can only be approximated.

A healthy starting point in this project would have been to individually save the instruments and upscale them seperately, but that would obviously entail rewriting the song.

To be honest, my extent would be to put the Amiga audio filter on, record at 192 KHz 24 bit or above straight out of the Amiga phono jacks, then apply compression and eq to taste. Job done! I don't have 192 KHz capability, only 96 KHz 24-bit but that would be okay too.

Could add some echo I suppose if it needed it, but it would have to be decided amount and type for each song. Perhaps some stereo reduction too, perhaps not in some parts of the song though, or perhaps in most parts of the song and then full stereo in particular places (could have fun with echo here and things).
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