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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
First, I took a mod, and extracted the digital data for left and right channels. This was saved in 16 bit format, using Sonique (can use other packages, just what I had to hand).

So the Amiga 8 bit is now 16 bit, but the sample rate is still whatever was used to make it with. Two huge great wav files.

Then, these were loaded into Audacity, which in itself converts those into 32 bit samples with a sample rate of 44.1 KHz.

After that, digital effects using Audacity were added, but the main point is, a CPU was used to "redraw" the samples from an 8 bit workspace into a 32 bit workspace at a much higher sample rate. I use the word "redraw", you could also use the word "calculate".

A little bit like zooming in on a fractal program.
So you still have 8 bit data but now in 32 bit and you still have re-sampled native Amiga to 44.1kHz. Audio improvement is marginal at this stage.

Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
The final part of the mix is the delay. One side is mixed to the other, either in perfect sync, or with a little delay.
So you trying to add some reverb to improve perceived audio. Ok but instead simple delay you may try to add more complex reverb.

Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
Then you compress and expand it so that it has IMPACT. A real musical technician would just say "compress it to fuck", but I am not a musician, or a studio engineer, I just hung out with quite a few of them.

Finally the combined sound is output to both audio outputs. Effectively, it's just repeated mono, but it still started as 4 separate sounds so the mind doesn't notice, it hears multiple sounds across multiple channels, so does not recognize it as such. A delay takes out the inherant clicks, but will upset musical purists who are used to the snap, crackle and pop of Amiga tunes.

Quieter bits sound louder, louder bits sound quieter.
It sounds like heavy dynamic compression.

You can try to use Crystality filter from ffdshow - it is somehow unstable and tricky to use but it may extrapolate/replicate spectrum over Amiga samplerate limitations.
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