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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Doesn't need to listen to it. That plot clearly shows how compressed/clipped the track is. Perhaps this is intended, but no point in pretending it is not dynamically compressed since it clearly is.

I also have a really hard time understanding what you're writing..
OK. I don't actually care what algorithm it's using. And my bandwidth is rapidly heading to zero right now for some reason. Certainly not because I'm downloading Akira's file. Might do it when it doesn't cost me bread (I pay per byte, mobile, not cheap).

Any algorithm can be implemented in real time, if the overall dynamics are established, if you throw enough CPU and memory at it, or use a DSP, can be done with hardware.

That's what I'm aiming for. How cheap that is, I'm still not sure. Just that it's cheaper than it was.

That would be awesome for every Amiga sound ever done. It would be awesome for the Amiga software base. It would be an awesome piece of hardware, and not very expensive even to make yourself. A Pi cannot sample on it's own. A USB sound card can. That's cheap kit these days. Arduino is another route, but it's not got the CPU or connectivity unless you go wireless Due. Maybe £20, including a wifi on the sampler needed on the Amiga end.

Think about this stuff. I'm not pretending what I've done is the best possible. The FLAC is an example of the best of what I've come up with.
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