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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Also your recording has a weird pitch, not the original. You must have altered it with some of your process.
Here's the recording from my computer (ie the only irrefutable reference anyone should ever need):

Have to agree with Locutus anyway, about whatever you were saying on the end of your message, which has fuck all to do with this board. Focus on your "remaster" topic.
Excuse me, why should I have to sign up for terms of service for a scientific proof of fidelity with a Public Domain work?

I'm not even going to DL that. People can get the original mod. Some of us can even rip it from the original disks - which I didn't do, I must admit. I used the mod I got from a collection, so it might not even be the original.

But it's still fucking kickass. They all are. Spotted the ringer yet?
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