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Uhuh. Tried the headphones?

Come to that, try sending it all through a statistical wavelength analyzer. The Flac. A comparison with the audio waveform of the original Amiga mod should reveal some very interesting facts, if you want to rate true sound quality and which frequencies are present where.

If you've got one of those lying about, of course. Bit tricky if you haven't. Software can do that, but I don't know what to recommend for doing that, I just use the hardware built into my head. It's called brain and ears. It works pretty good, as a combination.

Check out the waveform of a Prodigy track some time. They really know how to do this stuff.

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
what? are you sure you have taken your meds?
Let's put it this way, a person in my position, with my interests, skills, and history, has had some very interesting job offers. I never pursued some of them, always wanted to retain my independence and ability to comment on subjects.

I've asked for a couple independent experts to comment, they may do so, they may not, but they'll probably at least read it.

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