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I know laptop speakers are terrible, that's not what I normally use (have both high quality Hi Fi and a pair of good reference monitors), but that has nothing to do with audio clipped to hell and distorting. At least not in my case.

Your wave file above, my recording, taken just now directly from my Amiga 600 through a MOTU828 interface, below (all I did was normalize it and I accidentally mixed it to mono :P)

Clearly whatever you did has clipped the sound and this creates distortion. It has nothing to do with my speakers or with the Amiga's original sound. Look at how much is lost if you compare, your wave looks weirdly brickwalled. You said you didn't want to compress to shit? It looks exactly like if you did, just look at those damn waves. The quieter parts are so loud it makes no sense (compare with my wave).

I mean look at all the shit you have lost, you killed all the dynamic range.

Also your recording has a weird pitch, not the original. You must have altered it with some of your process.
Here's the recording from my computer (ie the only irrefutable reference anyone should ever need):

Have to agree with Locutus anyway, about whatever you were saying on the end of your message, which has fuck all to do with this board. Focus on your "remaster" topic.
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